Do you want to get your son or daughter into hunting? Or maybe you’re a youth hunter with a season under your belt and you want to boost your skills? Either way, you’re in the right place.

Every year, California Waterfowl hosts hunter conservation camps that teach aspiring hunters the nuts and bolts of waterfowl hunting and conservation. Many of the camps also include the Hunter Education, so campers can earn their Hunter Ed certificate—the prerequisite for getting a hunting license in California.

It’s a one-stop shop for a lifetime of outdoor adventures!

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Camp shooting instruction


CWA campers walk through wetlands at hunter conservation camp.


CWA packs our hunter conservation camps with activities. The campers are active and outside most of the day, learning a wide range of hunting skills from certified instructors. We teach kids how to shot shotguns, rifles and bows. We teach them about duck calling and duck banding. There are classes on waterfowl identification and hunting practices and safety. There’s even time for kayaking and fishing at some of the camps.

The camps last from two to five days. Most of the camps are held at Grizzly Ranch, a CWA-owned property in the Suisun Marsh. Other camps are in the Butte Sink, including one at the famed Rancho Esquon. There’s also a camp in Southern California in Riverside County.

Some camps end in hunts, others don’t. For a table that details what’s included in each camp, click here.


CWA camps are broken into two types – Level 1 and Level 2 camps. Level 1 camps include California Hunter Safety certification. Level 2 camps assume a certain level of hunting knowledge and are designed for campers who have hunted at least one season. All camps, with the exception of Duck Camp, offer hunting instruction and practice with shooting and archery.

Other important facts to know:

– Camps include food and overnight lodging in tents, which are outfitted with cots and camp lights.

– The youth camps are designed for youths aged 10 and up. If your child will be under 10 at the camp date, please call Heritage Programs Supervisor George Oberstadt at 916-275-0961.

– All guns, eye and ear protection, ammo and supporting materials are provided. You will receive a camper handout that includes a list of required items to bring.

– The cost of the camps ranges from $175 to $550.


CWA is focused on building the next generation of hunters and environmental stewards. We believe that hunters are one of the main drivers of waterfowl and wetland conservation, and we want tomorrow’s group of hunters to be larger than today’s. These camps are one of many ways CWA  is working to build a better future for hunting, wetlands and waterfowl in California.

If you have questions about our camps, contact Heritage Programs Supervisor George Oberstadt at 916-275-0961 or email

High-five at camp


Need help paying for our summer camps? CWA offers three levels of scholarships that can knock off up to $450 of the camp registration fee. The scholarship is based on household income and attendees simply need to indicate which level they qualify for when registering for the camp. After the camp, CWA will send an affidavit for the household to sign verifying their income.

Level 1 – $400 registration fee ($150 off)

  • Family household income between $65,000 and $85,000.

Level 2 – $250 registration fee ($300 off)

  • Family household income between $45,000 and $65,000.

Level 3 – $100 registration fee ($400 off)

  • Family household income less than $45,000.

Are you ready to teach the next generation of hunters?