Conservation Programs


The Focus 

California Waterfowl works closely with government agencies and private landowners to improve habitats and manage for healthy waterfowl populations in California. Wetland restoration and enhancement projects focus on breeding and migratory waterfowl habitat and work to increase public hunting opportunity.

Our efforts are driven by the goals and objectives identified in the three species-specific programs below:


  • Mallard Legacy Program

  • Pintail Program

  • California Wood Duck Program



Habitat Projects

California Waterfowl works very closely with public agencies, other non profit orgranizations and private landowners to deliver quality habitat restoration and enhancement projects throughout. Our biologists are working throughout the state with regional expertise.



Evaluating Success 

Our biologists conduct annual waterfowl evaluations to determine the factors that limit waterfowl production and survival. Activities such as banding, nest searching, breeding pair and brood surveys, and other data collection methods help monitor and assess waterfowl populations, habitat conditions and harvest rates.


Consulting Services 

We specialize in developing innovative and cooperative partnerships to maximize project funding for wetland, riparian, and grassland habitat design, restoration, enhancement, protection, and management. Since 1992, California Waterfowl and partnering agencies have completed over 1,100 projects affecting more than 430,000 acres statewide.