2020 Hunt Program Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each hunt application cost? $5

How do I apply? Click on any APPLY button. If you did not create a new account in 2019, you will need to create one first. If you have an existing account, please login to that account. Once logged in, click the “Apply For Hunts” tab on the dashboard. Select the hunt region, hunt type or game species you wish to apply for, select dates by clicking the box next to the hunt and proceed to checkout when finished.

How many hunts can I apply for? You may apply for every single hunt offered in the program; however you may only apply once per hunt opportunity.

Example: A property offers five hunting groups on October 20 at Grizzly Ranch. You may apply one time for each hunting group or blind on that date.

The only exception is the Assigned Ponds at Grizzly Ranch, Denverton, and Goose Lake. Only mobility impaired or veterans may apply.

What is the difference between applying for groups vs. blinds? Applying for a group means that if you win the group number you applied for, you are guaranteed a spot for that hunt day and a draw will be conducted for blinds the morning of the hunt. Applying for a blind means that if you are a hunt winner, you are awarded that specific blind on the specific date you applied for.

Example: If you applied for and won group 3 at Sanborn Slough on October 20, you are guaranteed a spot for that hunt date at Sanborn and will draw for a blind the morning of the hunt with the other hunting groups for that day. If you applied for blind 4 at Denverton on November 10 and won, there will be no blind draw the morning of the hunt and you will hunt blind 4 that day.

Am I able to apply more than once per hunt/selection? CWA’s application/registration system does not allow you to enter more than one application per hunt opportunity. Each person may apply one time per group/ blind on each available hunt date.

How many people are drawn per hunt? There are always three people drawn for each hunt. A Hunt Winner, 1st Alternate, and 2nd Alternate. If the hunt winner declines or cannot attend the 1st Alternate is offered the hunt, then the 2nd Alternate if the 1st alternate declines. If the winner and both alternates decline the hunt, it will go first come, first served to all applicants of that hunt.

How will I be notified if I am a hunt winner or alternate? If you are a hunt winner, you will be notified by email immediately after the draws. If you are an alternate that becomes a winner due to the winner “passing” the hunt, you will be notified immediately via email. You can view your draw results by logging into your account and clicking “View My Hunt Applications” tab. Your draw results will be posted in your account within 3 business days of the deadline.

I registered for a hunt and I cannot find any details regarding the hunt? After you register for a hunt you have won or been invited to as a guest, you will immediately receive a registration confirmation email that includes hunt details. These hunt details can be found in the upper right hand corner of that email in a link titled “Hunter Handbooks”.

How many guest hunters can I take as the hunt winner? Hunter capacities vary depending on the hunt. If the hunter capacity is 3, then the hunt winner can bring 2 guest hunters for a total of 3 hunters.

Do I need to be a California Waterfowl member to apply? No, you do not need to be a CWA member to apply.

Do I need to be a California Waterfowl member to attend a hunt? Yes, all hunters and non-hunters need to become a CWA member before they attend a hunt they either won or are attending as a guest.

Do I pay a fee if I win a hunt or attend a hunt as a guest? Yes, each adult hunter will pay a $25 hunter access fee prior to the hunt date.

Do junior hunters pay a hunter access fee? No, all junior hunter access fees are waived.

Are any of the fees refunded? Refunds for application and hunter access fees will not be issued for hunts canceled due to extreme weather/flooding or COVID-19 related closures. Refunds will also not be issued for a hunt canceled 48 hours before the hunt date.

Who is considered a junior hunter? A hunter who is less than 16 years of age on July 1 — the beginning of the license year.

Do I need a hunting license to apply? No, but a valid hunting license is required prior to participating on the actual hunt.

Where do the hunts take place? The hunt locations are on private property and locations are included in the hunt descriptions accessible from this page.

What should I expect from the hunt? Most hunts in the program are hosted on CWA properties operated by CWA staff, or by private landowners and guides. Winners of the hunts have the opportunity to hunt on exclusive properties at some of the top ducks clubs in the country. However, hunting can be unpredictable and harvesting game is not guaranteed. Please respect all hosts to ensure future hunters have the opportunity to hunt on these private lands.

What properties are owned solely by California Waterfowl? California Waterfowl owns and manages Sanborn Slough, Butte Creek Island Ranch, Quimby Island, Denverton, Grizzly Ranch and Goose Lake. Learn more about these properties here.

Is lodging included? Every hunt is different. Some hunts include lodging, food, etc. Information is included in the hunt descriptions accessible from this page. If you wish to learn more on if your hunt includes lodging, please contact the hunt coordinators.

Due to COVID-19 lodging will not be offered on CWA owned properties. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Can I give my hunt away as the hunt winner? The hunt winner must attend the hunt. If the hunt winner cannot attend the hunt, it will be passed to the next alternate. Example: An adult can win a youth-only hunt and give the hunt to a youth hunter. The hunt winner would then become the non-shooting adult chaperone. The hunt is forfeited if the hunt winner cannot attend.

When do the draw results get posted? Approximately three business days after each deadline. To view all application deadlines, click here. To view your draw results, click on the “View My Hunt Applications” tab, and scroll down to view application results. “Successful” means you have won that group/blind for that date. “Unsuccessful” means that you did not win that group/blind. You can find your draw results by logging into your account here.

What are the odds of drawing as the hunt winner? During the 2019-2020 waterfowl season, the number of applications averaged 55 per hunt.

Where does the application fee and hunt fee money go? All proceeds raised through the Hunt Program support California Waterfowl’s conservation, education and hunting programs.

Are there any discounts for members of other organizations? No.

Other than waterfowl hunts, what other hunts are offered through CWA? The Hunt Program offers a variety of opportunities throughout the year such as dove, deer, pig, pheasant, fishing trips, and turkey hunts.

*Hunting groups must have at least one hunter 21 years of age or older.*

Wait, I have more questions! Call our Hunt Program Coordinator Carson Odegard at (916) 960-9848 or our Hunting and Education Programs Supervisor Jeff Smith at (530) 305-9234, or email them at codegard@calwaterfowl.org or jsmith@calwaterfowl.org

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