Frequently asked questions

California Waterfowl’s Hunt Program provides hunting opportunities on private and public lands for waterfowl, dove, turkey, pigs, and more. Since 2009, California Waterfowl’s Hunt Program provided hunting opportunities on private lands with outreach to over 11,000 hunters.

Why donate to California Waterfowl’s Hunt Program?

• California hunting license sales have dropped from 767,149 in 1970 to 281,751 in2015. A leading cause in the drop of hunting license sales is the loss of hunting opportunities.
• Donations give back to the hunting community and connect landowners, members, donors and CWA staff.
• CWA provides donor recognition to over 20,000 members.

What are the benefits for California Waterfowl?
• The Hunt Program has been one of CWA’s largest general membership drives.
• Donations generate critical revenue to support our award-winning and nationally recognized Hunting Heritage programs.

How do the hunts work?
• CWA works with each landowner/donor to develop a hunting opportunity suited for your needs or desires.
• Hunts can be specialized for each specific hunting group (e.g., youth only, family,women, mobility impaired, veteran, or general)
• Each hunt application is a reasonable fee. There is only “one application per hunt, per person rule” to allow a variety of applicants an unforgettable hunting experience.
• After the hunt winner and guest(s), if permitted, pay the hunter access fee and completes the liability forms, CWA then connects the hunters with the host.

How is the landowner/host covered?
• CWA supplies liability insurance up to $1,000,000 Common Cause and $3,000,000 Aggregate.
• Each hunter fills out liability forms online before attending each hunt.

Donate today
• CWA is looking for hunt donations for dove, turkey, duck, goose, deer, or pig hunting.

If you are interested, or need more information, please call our Hunt Program Coordinator Carson Odegard at (916) 960-9848 or our Hunting and Education Programs Supervisor Jeff Smith at (530) 305-9234, or email them at or