California Waterfowl’s classroom programs are free! We come to you, bring the materials and present in your classroom.

We teach classrooms about waterfowl and the importance of the habitat they need to thrive. Through it all, we emphasize hands-on, interpretative learning that highlights respect, health and the sustainability of the outdoors.

Depending on the grade level and presentation, students could be learning about nests and nesting behavior. Or they could be learning about ducks by examining real skulls and feet. They could even be studying migratory behavior while examining wing and feather specimens.


Learn all about nests and nesting behavior through hands-on activities in science and art. Look at real nests, build your own and play a game with your special presenter. At the end, learn how to draw your very own duck!

Length: 1 hour
Grades: K-2nd


Learn what it means to be a waterfowl through hands-on activities in science and art. Look at real skulls and feet from various birds and learn how to draw your own duck!

Length: 1 hour
Grades: 3rd-5th

Click here to learn more about CWA’s Junior Duck Stamp Program.


Become a biologist and study one of the most beautiful waterfowl in our state. Practice checking nesting boxes, study various wood duck specimen and so much more! Note: This presentation must be completed before attending a Walking with Wood Ducks Field Day.

Length: 1.5 hours
Grades: 3rd-8th


Study migration and migratory behavior in waterfowl through science and art. Make observations as you study various wing and feather specimens and learn how to draw your very own duck!

Length: 1 hour
Grades: 5th-12th


To book a program, please email the information below to Education Coordinator Molly Maupin at or call 916-648-1406 ext. 121 or on her cell at 916-532-9682.

NOTICE: We do not book programs more than three hours from Roseville, California, except by special request.

We can host as many programs in a day as your bell schedule allows. When booking, we book the day for you, and can be there as early or as late as you need us. Please note we travel from classroom to classroom. Please have ONE lead teacher book the programs for your school. We prefer to host at least two classes at each school we visit. WE ARE ALMOST COMPLETELY BOOKED FOR THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR. EMAIL MOLLY FOR DATES THAT ARE STILL AVAILABLE.

  • Please note that we prefer to visit at least two classes at each school we visit. We can do as many presentations as your bell schedule allows.
  • The day is booked for you! Please use times that work with your bell schedule. We travel from classroom to classroom.
    The program is on a USB that we will plug into your computer to project. If you do not have that set-up we can use laminated slides.
  • Use this space for questions and to add any important information that you could not provide in the fields above.
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