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SIGNED INTO LAW: Pesticide alternatives
AB 718 (Frazier, D-Discovery Bay), to reduce mosquito spraying costs to private landowners. View our letter (PDF) here, and our press release here.

AB 18 (multiple authors), to authorize the issuance of $3 billion in bonds for various climate, water, park, wildlife and recreational purposes. View our letter (PDF) here.

FAILED: Elk tags
AB 521 (Frazier, D-Discovery Bay), to reduce the price of a resident elk tag. View our letter (PDF) here.

FAILED: Waterfowl nest-cover incentives
AB 472 (Frazier, D-Discovery Bay), to faciliate the establishment of waterfowl nesting on fallowed lands, including those involved with water transfers. View our letter (PDF) here.

FAILED — Rice field flooding
AB 832 (Aguiar-Curry, D-Winters) to help offset the cost of winter flooding rice fields. View our letter (PDF) here.

FAILED — 12-month fishing license
SB 187 (Berryhill, R-Modesto), which would create a new annual fishing license that is valid for 12 months after the date of purchase (currently, fishing licenses expire on Dec, 31, regardless of the date of purchase). View our letter (PDF) here.

FAILED: Tri-colored blackbirds
SB 532 (Dodd, D-Napa), to grant the California Department of Fish and Wildlife the discretion to enter into Safe Harbor Agreements with landowners for tricolored blackbirds. View our letter (PDF) here.


VETOED BY GOVERNOR: Firearm dealer requirements
SB 464 (Hill, D-San Mateo), to require licensed firearms dealers to install concrete or steel barriers to prevent theft. View our letter (PDF) here.

SIGNED INTO LAW: SB 620 (Bradford, D-Gardena), to allow a judge skip sentence enhancements for people convicted of using firearms in the commission of a crime. California Waterfowl opposed this bill because it lessens the responsibility of criminals for their illegal use of firearms in heinous crimes at the same time the Legislature is continuing to impose increasingly burdensome regulations on lawabiding gun owners.

SIGNED INTO LAW: Long gun open carry
AB 7 (Gipson, D-Carson), to prohibit carrying an unloaded firearm other than a handgun within certain areas of public lands or streets. View our letter (PDF) here.

SIGNED INTO LAW: Authority to allow guns on school grounds
AB 424 (McCarty, D-Sacramento), to remove the authority of local education officials to decide whether anyone should be allowed to possess a firearm on school grounds. View our letter (PDF) here.

Legislation archives: 20202019 2018 | 20172016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012