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SIGNED INTO LAW: Requiring consultation with DFW
AB 498 (Levine, D-San Rafael), to make it the policy of the state, with regard to a project (e.g., urban development, major roads or other infrastructure) proposed in an area identified as a wildlife corridor, to encourage the project proponent to consult with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and, wherever feasible, take steps to protect or restore the functioning of the wildlife corridor.

FAILED: Local government interference with hunting
AB 665 (Frazier, D-Discovery Bay), CWA-sponsored bill to keep cities, counties, park districts and other local governments from restricting or interfering with hunting, fishing and depredation activities. The bill also requires the Fish & Game Commission to consider public safety in drafting annual regulations over the taking of fish and game, and reinforces the right to hunt on state-owned navigable waters.

FAILED: Managed wetlands’ impact on water quality
SB 615 (Berryhill, R-Modesto), CWA-sponsored bill to require that managed wetlands be presumed to not pose a significant threat to water quality, and would require, with respect to managed wetlands, the state and regional water boards to waive certain reporting and monitoring requirements.

FAILED: Firearm possession by archery hunters
AB 499 (Cooley), to authorize a person engaged in archery deer hunting who is licensed to carry a concealed firearm to possess that firearm in the field.

FAILED: Increasing participation in fishing
SB 345 (Berryhill, R-Modesto), to make changes to the fishing licensing system and gamefish possession laws that would facilitate greater public participation in fishing.


VETOED BY GOVERNOR: Firearm confiscation for minor non-violent offenses
SB 347 (Jackson), to confiscate someone’s firearms for a 10-year period for relatively minor (non-violent) violations of the law.

SIGNED INTO LAW: Banning sale of antique ivory products
AB 96 (Atkins), to ban the sale of products made from ivory prior to June 1, 1977, such as antique firearms and knives.

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