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SIGNED INTO LAW: Junior hunting license
AB 1709 (Frazier, D-Discovery Bay): This CWA-sponsored bill expands the junior hunting license age eligibility by two years effective July 1, 2015, reducing costs for young hunters and providing them increased access to some special youth hunting opportunities.

SIGNED INTO LAW: Pittman-Robertson funds
SB 1434 (Wolk, D-Davis): This CWA-sponsored bill will increase accountability and transparency over the state’s use of Pittman-Robertson Act funds generated from firearms and ammunition sales. SB 1434 also establishes the Duck Stamp Advisory Committee within the F&G Code, allowing it to provide recommendations to the Department of Fish and Wildlife on waterfowl- and wetland-related projects funded with Pittman-Robertson money.

SIGNED INTO LAW: Proceeds of big game tags
AB 2105 (Frazier, D-Discovery Bay) (1) lets a DFW-authorized nonprofit organization that assists in the sale of big game mammal hunting tags to retain 5 percent of the sale price of the tag and (2) raises the fee for a nonresident Nelson bighorn sheep tag to generate more funds for game conservation purposes.

SIGNED INTO LAW: Drought relief for state wildlife areas
The governor signed a $5 million drought-related wetland water budget item in June that aids state wildlife areas. CWA actively lobbied the Legislature for its approval. This much-needed funding is already being used for groundwater pumping and other fall wetland water purposes, including the flooding of public hunting areas.


FAILED: Ammunition purchases
SB 53 (De Leon, D-Los Angeles): Would have banned the Internet and mail-order sale of ammunition and would have required that ammunition purchasers register with the state. The bill also would have imposed fees and other requirements on ammunition vendors.

SIGNED INTO LAW, BUT AMENDED: Gun violence restraining order
AB 1014 (Skinner, D-Oakland):  Creates a “Gun Violence Restraining Order” that requires a person to surrender all guns and ammunition to law enforcement for up to one year, and the order can be renewed annually. In response to opposition by CWA and other interests, the author amended the bill to provide for greater due process for the person who is the subject of the order, increase the burden of proof for obtaining an order, and limit those who could petition a court for an order to law enforcement, immediate family members, licensed therapists and licensed health care providers.

SIGNED INTO LAW, BUT AMENDED: Mosquito abatement
AB 896 (Eggman, D-Stockton): Would have required DFW to implement mosquito control best-management practices on its lands without providing funding to do it, and without regard for whether the practices would hurt waterfowl habitat. In response to CWA and DFW opposition, the bill was amended to require DFW only to consult with local mosquito control districts about those areas on DFW lands in greatest need for abatement.

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