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SB 1249 (Wolk, D-Davis), a CWA-sponsored bill, 1) makes hunting a legally protected, compatible use of DFG lands; 2) makes it easier for conservation nonprofits like CWA to assist with the management of DFG lands, including the administration of hunt programs; 3) requires that all non-hunting/fishing users of DFG lands purchase a pass to provide additional funding for land management activities; and 4) increases accountability and transparency over the expenditure of County Fish and Game fine monies. View our letter (PDF) here.

SIGNED INTO LAW: Promoting conservation nonprofits
SB 1107 (Berryhill, R-Modesto), a CWA-sponsored bill, allows hunting and fishing nonprofits like CWA to promote their conservation work on DFG’s Automated License Data System, including providing a link to their web page. View our letter (PDF) here.

SIGNED INTO LAW: Penalties for serious poaching violations
AB 1162 (Chesbro, D-Arcata), a CWA-sponsored bill, increases financial and other penalties for serious poaching violations, with the revenues earmarked for game conservation and public hunting purposes. The bill also makes technical changes to the Fish and Game Code trespassing statutes to make them more landowner-friendly. View our letter (PDF) here.

FAILED: Administrative costs of hunting tags
SB 1166 (Berryhill, R-Modesto) – California Outdoor Heritage Alliance-sponsored bill that would allow conservation nonprofits selling hunting tags on behalf of DFG to recoup 10% for administrative reimbursement. Bill also clarified that conservation projects and public hunting purposes are the primary purpose of the Big Game Management Account. Despite broad bipartisan support and lobbying by CWA and COHA, this measure died due to state fiscal concerns. View our letter (PDF) here.

SIGNED INTO LAW: Land acquisition by Wildlife Conservation Board
SB 1266 (Corbett, D-Hayward), which would ensure that appraisals for land acquisitions by the Wildlife Conservation Board, which includes lands transferred to DFG, contain information necessary to ensure the fair market value. With the support of CWA and many other conservation groups, this measure was signed into law. View our letter (PDF) here.

SIGNED INTO LAW: Reduced license fees for Wounded Warriors
SB 1288 (Harman, R-Pasadena), which would allow for reduced fee hunting licenses for wounded, active duty military personnel (i.e. “Wounded Warriors”). View our letter (PDF) here.


VETOED BY GOVERNOR: Trapping practices
SB 1480 (Corbett, D-Hayward), which would have banned certain trapping practices used to control nuisance wildlife. Before the bill was vetoed, CWA was successful in obtaining amendments to exempt the use of conibear traps to control beaver and muskrats in managed wetlands and other aquatic habitats. View our letter (PDF) here.

SIGNED INTO LAW, BUT AMENDED: Open carry of long guns
AB 1527 (Portantino, D-La Cañada Flintridge), which banned the open carry of unloaded shotguns and rifles in certain public places. CWA was successful in obtaining language to exempt licensed hunters traveling to and from hunting activities or participating in hunting dog training.

FAILED: F&G fines
AB 2179 (Allen, R-Huntington Beach), which would have established a new civil penalty process for Fish and Game violations to allow for hunting license revocation and fines of up to $20,000 for any F&G Code violation or regulation, including infractions and other minor violations. Due to opposition from CWA and many other allied sporting and landowner groups, the bill died on the Senate Floor. View our letter (PDF) here.

AB 2402 (Huffman, D-San Rafael), which, among other provisions, changed the name of the Department of Fish and Game to the Department of Fish and Wildlife. The measure also allowed the F&G Commission to determine certain hunting and fishing license fees (as opposed to the state Legislature) and consolidate certain game species accounts to improve efficiencies.


VETOED BY GOVERNOR: Bay Delta Conservation Plan deadlines
SB 250 (Rubio, D-Shafter), which would have created arbitrary deadlines for the implementation of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP), leaving considerably less time for a necessary waterfowl habitat impact analysis and development of appropriate mitigation measures. Due to opposition from CWA and many other conservation and water groups, this bill died early in the Session.

SIGNED INTO LAW, BUT AMENDED: Civil action for F&G violations
SB 1148 (Pavley, D-Agoura Hills), which, among other provisions, would have allowed special interest groups to exercise a private right of civil action for alleged violations of the Fish and Game Code. The bill would also have made all F&G Code violations “strict liability” offenses, thereby prohibiting judges in certain cases from considering intent or other relevant circumstances. Due to opposition from CWA and many other sporting and landowner groups, these two provisions were removed entirely from the bill. SB 1148 was signed by the Governor. View our letter (PDF) here.

SIGNED INTO LAW: Banning hounds for bear and bobcat hunting
SB 1221 (Lieu, D-Los Angeles County), which banned the use of dogs for hunting bears and bobcats. CWA strongly opposed this legislation, mostly due to its: 1) infringement on the Fish and Game Commission’s regulatory jurisdiction; 2) loss of hunting-related revenue for game conservation activities; and 3) precedent for legislatively banning other types of hunting with dogs. Despite coordinated efforts by CWA and many other sporting and landowner groups, the bill was signed into law.  View our letter (PDF) here.

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