What We Do

California Waterfowl is an award-winning 501(C)(3) nonprofit, conservation organization with a mission to conserve the state’s waterfowl, wetlands, and hunting heritage. In the last 20+ years, we have completed nearly 1,400 individual projects to protect, restore, and enhance almost 490,000 acres, providing habitat for millions of birds and animals. Our Wood Duck Program has hatched more than 740,000 ducklings, while our Banding Program has marked over 257,000 waterfowl. Our Youth and Education Programs have reached almost 320,000 children, young adults, and families to help to create a better understanding of biology, conservation, and outdoor heritage. All efforts are supported largely by donations and the work of over 1,500 dedicated and tireless volunteers.

2015 Program Highlights

Waterfowl and Wetlands

  • 17,656 acres of wetland, riparian, and grassland habitats conserved

  • 74 individual projects completed

  • More than $5.4 million spent on habitat in the Grasslands, Mendota, Tulare Basin, Southern California, North Sacramento Valley, Suisun Marsh and Northeastern California

  • 1,982 acres of new wetland areas were created or restored

  • Over 300 acres of breeding habitat

  • Almost 60% of the acres benefited were on public hunting areas

  • Almost 8,000 waterfowl banded

  • Almost 25,000 wood ducks hatched in 2015 for a cumulative total of more than 740,000 hatched since 1991

  • 5,500+ nest boxes monitored on 186 projects by 569 volunteers and California Waterfowl staff

  • Annual breeding surveys were completed in partnership with DFW to monitor breeding waterfowl populations throughout California 

California Waterfowl Egg Salvage Program

  • 4,000 Egg salvage ducks banded and released, a 15% increase over 2014. 3,253 were mallards, a 20% increase over 2014

  • Over 200 Youth volunteers engaged

  • 14,120 CWA-banded egg salvage ducks recovered since 1986

  • 396 CWA-banded egg salvage ducks recovered in 2015, 163 of which (49%) were banded in 2015

  • Average age of CWA-banded egg salvage mallards recovered in 2015: 1.9 years

Education and Heritage

California Waterfowl’s education and heritage programs seek to educate both young and old and ensure a place for all in the outdoors – today and into the future. Through efficient programming and dedicated partnerships, we are able to reach youth and adults across California and spread the word about the value of waterfowl, wetlands, and our hunting heritage.

California Waterfowl Hunt Program

  • The California Waterfowl Hunt Program continued to provide quality hunting opportunities on private lands to the general public.

  • Upwards of 1,500 hunters enjoyed hunts on over 55,000 acres and 46 properties, including duck hunts on premier duck clubs as well as dove, turkey and big-game hunts.

  • The Veteran Hunt Program reached over 300 veterans and their families through hunts, hunter education classes and shoots.

More than 25,000 Youths and Families Reached

  • We demonstrated the value of wildlife habitat conservation and the critical role that hunters play to more than 13,000 students through field trips, presentations, hands-on projects and more.

  • More than 4,000 people participated in quality programs to train and motivate the next generation of hunter-conservationists through hunter camps, shoots, clinics and other outdoor adventures that provide quality outdoor hunting and shooting experiences.

  • Families enjoyed exciting games and conservation exhibits at festivals and outdoor expos this year, reaching over 6,000 people. 

Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

  • In addition to developing hunt skills, our camp program is making lifelong conservationists by modeling essential character qualities like stewardship and also encouraging community service.

  • Two College hunter camps provided exciting opportunities to 30 UC Davis and Humboldt State students destined to become wildlife managers who had no firsthand experience with hunting.

  • College students and recent graduates are getting their start at California Waterfowl through college chapter activities and internships, several in partnership with the Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Wildlife Refuge system.

  • The Banding with Youth Summer Program provided hands-on waterfowl research and field experience to 35 people. 

Sharing a Love for Hunting

  • California Waterfowl Magazine and other publications keep members up-to-date on waterfowl and hunting issues as well as California Waterfowl programs.

Public Policy

Through political advocacy and building partnerships, California Waterfowl is producing results that help sustain waterfowl, wetlands and our hunting heritage:

  • Sponsored AB 665 (Frazier) to keep local governments from interfering with hunting and fishing activities.

  • Helped secure some fall water deliveries for the Lower Klamath and Tule Lake NWRs.

  • Helped defeat federal drought bills that would have weakened water rights for Central Valley wetlands.

  • Helped raise awareness in Congress about the Klamath Water crisis and need to pass the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement.

  • Formed a Public Lands Hunters Committee to advise DFW and USFWS on public hunt program issues.

  • Help direct State Duck Stamp monies to State Wildlife Areas in greatest need of fall floodup funding.

  • Helped secure defeat of SB 347 (Jackson) which would have expanded the types of nonviolent, misdemeanor violations for which a person would have his or her firearms confiscated for a period of 10 years.

Fundraising Efforts

Donations directly support California Waterfowl’s mission and leverage government funding for habitat projects across California.

  • $15+ million in total revenue was raised during the last year.
  • Nearly 100 grassroots fundraising events. 
  • 1,500 volunteers helped ensure the organization's success. 


California Waterfowl works within a board-approved annual budget, and our audited financial statements are available upon request.

  • Program Expenses: 85%
  • Administrative Expenses: 3%
  • Fundraising Expenses: 12%


California Waterfowl members are part of the nation’s oldest and largest state waterfowl association. Dues help fund waterfowl conservation programs, wetland enhancement, youth education programs, and public policy efforts.

  • 20,000+ Members Strong.
  • 3,000+ Life Members and Major Donors making a big difference.
  • Membership magazine keeps members informed and motivated all year long.