There are many ways that you can help California Waterfowl preserve, protect and enhance wetlands, waterfowl and outdoor experiences. Below are three key areas were your volunteer service will make a big difference.


Fundraising Volunteer Opportunities

Fundraising Family -- Help with a Fundraising Dinner

You can help organize one of our many dinners across the state. Committee members solicit donations from the community; sell tickets; arrange for the facility, food, raffles, and auctions; promote CWA; and host evenings of fun that support CWA's conservation and heritage programs.

For more information regarding Fundraising Volunteer Opportunities, please e-mail fund_aide@calwaterfowl.org


Youth and Education Volunteer Opportunities

Youth and Education volunteers are needed in a variety of capacities.
  • Represent CWA at festivals, giving out information about CWA and its youth programs to the public or assisting youth with an educational activity or craft

  • Volunteer at 3rd-6th grade field trips to local wetland

  • Assist at youth waterfowl hunts, day camps, and overnight camps

For more information and to sign up for hunter education volunteer opportunities, please e-mail goberstadt@calwaterfowl.org, or for festivals and school field trip volunteering, please email



Wood Duck Program Volunteer Opportunities

Start a Nest Box Project in Your Area 

Volunteers who start or join established nest box projects have the opportunity to participate in a statewide effort to monitor and increase the wood duck population. After installing your nest boxes, they will need to be cleaned and maintained each year. Volunteers visit the nest boxes at least four times each spring and summer to collect valuable information about nesting activities.

Build Wood Duck Nest Boxes

Volunteers can obtain box-making plans from CWA and build boxes that can be donated to CWA or installed at nest box project sites. Check with local businesses for donations of wood or funds to purchase wood. Build boxes yourself, or with your scout troop, wood shop class, or other group efforts. For more information regarding the Wood Duck Program, please e-mail cbrady@calwaterfowl.org

Hands-On Experiences 

Wood ducks and their nest boxes provide hands-on educational experiences for youngsters, volunteers, and landowners. CWA volunteers use displays, slide shows and other resources to teach about wood ducks and riparian wetlands. For more information about wood duck presentations and materials, email cbrady@calwaterfowl.org