School Field Trip Scholarships (General):

Funding may be available for program costs and transportation if your school is unable to cover these costs.  Please fill out a scholarship application if interested in this opportunity.  Scholarship selection is based on need, school funding status, and demographics.  Click here for this Scholarship Application.


 Calendars for Conservation!  

Donate and receive a Junior Duck Stamp Calendar today to and support CWA's educational programs in California schools!   Calendars consist of K-12 grade student winning art from the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program and Art Contest.  Funds go directly to education for student materials and supplies and assist in field trip scholarships for schools. 

$10 (tax and shipping included)

To donate and receive your calendar, please call us at 916-648-1406 X 101 or X 102. 

Or visit:

Pre- & Post-Materials for CWA programs and Classroom Curriculum:

Junior Duck Stamp Program Curriculum Guides

The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program has a curriculum for teachers to use in the classroom. It is focused on wetland and waterfowl conservation and hits state, national and EEI standards. It is designed for grades 5-8 with adaptations for K-4 and 9-12. It is free and accessible here for teachers:

Junior Duck Stamp Classroom Program: Helpful Drawing Tips

How to Draw a Duck Ex. 1

How to Draw  a Duck Ex. 2

CWA's Detailed Waterfowl ID & Drawing Guide

Wood Duck Classroom & Field Program Pre- & Post-Activities

Wood Duck Challenge

Wood Duck Wonders Crossword

Marsh Madness Field Program Pre- & Post-Activities

Aquatic Invertebrate Identification- Dichotomous Key Practice

          Lesson & Worksheets


Water Quality Lab

          Lesson & Worksheet


Wetland Plant and Animal ID PowerPoint

Wetland Plant and Animal ID Movie

Scatastic Field Program Pre- & Post-Activities

Tricky Tracks

          Tricky Tracks Worksheet

          Tricky Tracks Key