School Field Trip Scholarships (General):

Funding may be available for program costs and transportation if your school is unable to cover these costs.  Please fill out a scholarship application if interested in this opportunity.  Scholarship selection is based on need, school funding status, and demographics.  Click here for this Scholarship Application.


 Calendars for Conservation!  

Donate and receive a Junior Duck Stamp Calendar today to and support CWA's educational programs in California schools!   Calendars consist of K-12 grade student winning art from the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program and Art Contest.  Funds go directly to education for student materials and supplies and assist in field trip scholarships for schools. 

$10 (tax and shipping included)

To donate and receive your calendar, please call us at 916-648-1406 X 101 or X 102. 

Or visit:


Nature Bowl

CWA partners with and supports the Department of Fish and Wildlife's NATURE BOWL program.

Nature Bowl is an annual science based educational program for 3rd - 6th graders that increases ecological knowledge and conservation literacy. In team settings, students eagerly learn about the environment while building teamwork skills and sharpening their creative and critical thinking abilities. The program curriculum corresponds with California’s “Next Generation” Science Standards, which makes it a popular event for teachers and educators. Nature Bowl, currently in its 31st year, is coordinated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and many partner organizations.

For more information click here.


Pre- & Post-Materials for CWA programs and Classroom Curriculum:

Junior Duck Stamp Program Curriculum Guides

The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program has a curriculum for teachers to use in the classroom. It is focused on wetland and waterfowl conservation and hits state, national and EEI standards. It is designed for grades 5-8 with adaptations for K-4 and 9-12. It is free and accessible here for teachers:


Junior Duck Stamp Purchases

To purchase duck stamps and support wetland conservation and education, please visit:


Junior Duck Stamp Classroom Program Pre- & Post-Activities

Duck Nests

What Are Waterfowl

Waterfowl Adaptations

Take Flight

How to Draw a Duck Ex. 1

How to Draw  a Duck Ex. 2

CWA's Detailed Waterfowl ID & Drawing Guide


Coloring Sheets for Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest Practice and Drawing Samples (developed by high school art students through our Wildlife Art Camp)

     Canada Goose

     Great Blue Heron

     Great Blue Heron 2

     Great Blue Heron 3

     King Eider Duck 1

     Kind Eider Duck 2


     Sandhill Crane

     Tundra Swan

     Wood Duck


Wood Duck Classroom & Field Program Pre- & Post-Activities

Wood Duck Challenge

Wood Duck Wonders Crossword


Marsh Madness Field Program Pre- & Post-Activities

Aquatic Invertebrate Identification- Dichotomous Key Practice

          Lesson & Worksheets


Nature Journaling

Pollution Tag

Probability of Pintails

Soils Worksheet

Water Quality Lab

          Lesson & Worksheet


Wetland Objects

Wetland Plants Crossword

Wetland Plant and Animal ID PowerPoint

Wetland Plant and Animal ID Movie

Scatastic Field Program Pre- & Post-Activities

Tricky Tracks

          Tricky Tracks Worksheet

          Tricky Tracks Key


Trekking the Suisun Marsh Field Program Pre- & Post-Activities

See Nature Journaling, Wetland Objects, and Wetland Crossword under Marsh Madness activities

See Tricky Tracks under Scatastic activities

More to come!


Habitat Fun Packs Curriculum Guide by Central Valley Joint Venture

Pre- & Post-Materials for all CWA Programs!

California's Central Valley Habitat Joint Venture has compiled three levels of curriculum related to waterfowl and wetlands for their Habitat Fun Packs. The packs are complete, and only need to be downloaded and printed below.  They are sectioned in K-3, 4-6, and Junior High-High School and cover science, math, language arts, art, and music. Click the packs below to access the fun packs for each grade group. 

Fun Pack K-3

Fun Pack 4-6

Fun Pack Jr. High-High


Wild About Wetlands (WAW) Teaching Kits & Curriculum Guide

Borrow our Wild About Wetlands teacher kits filled with hands-on lessons (see below) and all materials needed to complete the lessons in your class. These kits are best for 4th-6th grade classes and use a wetland theme to teach science, math, language arts and social science content standards.  Lessons can be adapted to younger and older students.  There is a 4 week loan period for kits. To check out a kit, please contact Molly Maupin, Education Coordinator at or (916) 648-1406 ext. 102.

Some of the lessons from the kits for your review or use on your own:

Section I:

     Wetland Metaphors

     Wetland Types- A Poster Activity

     Wetland Model

     Human Archeology

Section II:

     Bird Feet

     Bird Skull


     Wetland Connections

Section III:

     Creepy Crawlies

     Decisions, Decisions

     Marsh Makers

     Those Puzzling Wetlands


Useful Links

California Elementary School Network

California High School Network

CREEC- California Regional Environmental Education Community

NEA- National Educators Association

Online Education- Maximizing the Learning Experience

SNWR- Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Sustainability: Hidden Costs Series- Videos about minimizing consumption and living environmentally friendly

SWEP- School Water Education Program