Public Programs

Clean-Up Days

To help maintain quality public areas, CWA partners with several refuges and wildlife areas to host and promote volunteer-based cleanup days. These types of events not only remove trash and spruce up hunting sites, but also get volunteers involved in checking nest boxes, refurbishing kiosks and other public use structures. Check our Events Calendar for a clean-up near you.

Festival Activities & Exhibits

CWA staff and volunteers provide wetland, wildlife and hunting interactive exhibits at 30-plus festivals each year. If you would like include CWA at a festival or event near you, please contact Sabreena Britt, Education Coordinator at or (916) 648-1406 ext. 102.


Project Tours and Workshops

Adults can attend tours of habitat project sites and special workshops led by CWA biologists and staff from partnering agencies. Tours and workshops provide insight regarding wildlife use, management techniques, habitat incentive programs and more. If you’re interested in attending a tour or workshop, call (916) 648-1406 or e-mail us.


Waterfowl Banding Days
Waterfowl Banding Days

Every summer, children ages 10-17 join CWA biologists and educators in a marsh to handle, identify, band and release waterfowl. Learn why we band birds and how it helps with research and monitoring waterfowl populations. FREE for members and a small fee for non-members! One year membership included with fee! Please contact Sabreena Britt, Education Coordinator at or (916) 648-1406 ext. 102


Wild Duck Egg Salvage
Wild Duck Egg Salvage

CWA partners with several egg salvage facilities in farming regions of the state. Wild eggs about to be lost to farming operations are collected by volunteers and delivered to these licensed incubation facilities, where duckling are hatched, raised, and released into the wild. For more information or to get involved, contact us.


Wood Duck Nest Box

Build, install and monitor wood duck nest boxes and capture and band nesting hens. This is a great community service project for boy and girl scout groups.  To find out how to get involved, click here.