Member Photos

Online Gallery

Submit your photos! To submit a photo for this page or the Member Photo competition for California Waterfowl magazine, send digital files to To submit photos via mail, send them to Member Photos, California Waterfowl, 1346 Blue Oaks Boulevard, Roseville CA  95678. Please only insert one photo per e-mail. Include a caption and contact information for each photo submitted.


Member Photo Contest

To enter a photo in California Waterfowl’s Take Your Best Shot Member Photo Contest, visit our Flickr page.  There you will find complete contest rules, be able to submit your contest photos, and see other photos from contest hopefuls.


Magazine Scrapbook

If you would like to submit a photo for consideration in the magazine’s scrapbook section, please email a .jpeg or .tiff image to  Emails should not exceed 5 MB in size. When possible, images should have a resolution of 300 DPI.  Please include a caption and contact information.