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2017-18 Women's Hunt Program

Women are the one demographic of hunters that is growing and California Waterfowl is recognizing this trend by hosting three women’s waterfowl events during the 2017-18 waterfowl season.



Grizzly Ranch and Denverton Women's Hunts (Friday Evening-Saturday Afternoon)

California Waterfowl is hosting two special waterfowl events at Grizzly Ranch and Denverton, CWA’s Hunting Heritage Centers. The hunts are for women only and include overnight lodging, a full days meals, guide, CWA membership, loaner gear, etc.  Each blind will be staffed with a CWA volunteer guide. The guide will take care of waterfowl identification, regulations, gun safety, bird retrieval, and game calling. These hunting opportunities are great for new or long time hunters looking for a great waterfowl hunting experience. The event at Grizzly Ranch will take place on November 10-11th and the Denverton event will take place on January 5-6th. The cost is $150 per hunter, which includes meals, lodging, CWA membership, and giveaways.   Hunters are limited to signup for only one event during the 17-18 waterfowl season. Participants who have attended more than twice are not permitted to register.


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May only register for one event!


Additional women's outdoor events including a pheasant hunt CLICK HERE


Novice Women's Duck Hunt Weekend (Friday Evening-Sunday Afternoon)

The event prepares novice duck hunters with a full day of training including shooting instruction, and lessons in waterfowl ID, calling and cleaning. The next day, we take you for morning hunts at three outstanding Upper Butte Basin duck clubs just north of the Little Dry Creek closed zone. It's a great experience, and the participants often form long-lasting friendships at this event. Qualifications: Hunters must be women who are at least 21 years old who have hunted ducks five times or fewer, and they must have a California hunting license with state and federal duck stamps/validations and HIP stamp/validation, which you'll be asked to show upon arrival. The event costs $300 and includes meals, lodging, CWA membership, and giveaways.

November 3-5 @Casa De Patos, Butte City, CA

More information coming soon!


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