How to Help

Join California Waterfowl's efforts to leave an outdoor legacy for generations to come. Your generous contribution will fund the conservation of waterfowl, their habitat, and the association’s many education projects. In addition to making a cash donation, you may contribute through a planned giving program or by providing material goods for projects or fundraising events. Whichever way you choose to contribute, we appreciate your support.


Local Events

CWA volunteers host nearly 100 fundraising banquets across the state each year. You are invited to donate artwork, new firearms, sports memorabilia, and other items to auction at these events. You may also want to donate materials or equipment to youth programs. Do you want your donation to go to a special event or program? Call or e-mail your requests to   


Memorial Gifts

Contributions made in memory of a loved one or friend can be made securely online at our Memorial Gifts Page. We can also provide families with a bulletin that details the donation process. We will also send notification of your gift to the next of kin and list contributors in an upcoming CWA magazine.


Tribute Gifts

Donations can also be made by asking others to give to California Waterfowl in lieu of gifts for birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, etc. We can provide the "honoree" with a list of individuals who contribute and proper tax documentation to donors. We will also list contributors in an upcoming issue of the CWA magazine.


Vehicles and Equipment

Donate your car, ATV, truck or other vehicle to CWA's Vehicle Donation Program. It is easy and convenient, and you'll be eligible for a tax deduction as well!

CWA is currently in great need of several vehicles that can be used by staff to complete our mission to conserve California’s waterfowl, wetlands, and our hunting heritage. Of particular interest are vans and trucks. It’s much easier to donate your used vehicle than it is to sell it yourself, and the tax savings might even be more than what you would receive from a trade in.

The tax break that donors receive for donating a vehicle to CWA will depend on how CWA uses the vehicle and the donor's claimed value of the gift. CWA will provide you with all of the paperwork necessary for donors to claim a deduction on your tax returns. Have a vehicle you'd like to donate? Click here>>


Workplace Giving

CWA participates in workplace giving campaigns from many different companies including Chevron, Intel, Hewlett Packard and United Way. Speak to your workplace giving campaign manager for details on how to support CWA through workplace giving campaigns.