Egg Salvage and Duck Rescue

Egg Salvage

The Dwight L. Merriman Jr. Egg Salvage and Duck Rescue Program was established to promote a coordinated effort of farmers, hatchery partners, and volunteers, who share a common goal restoring waterfowl breeding habitats and growing California’s mallard population.

Our Egg Salvage and Duck Rescue program is a partnership approach supported by many organizations, businesses and individuals engaged in agriculture, wildlife management and habitat conservation.

Hatchery partners within our network are pivotal in the successful incubating, hatching and rearing of the ducks that are the end product of egg salvage efforts. Currently, four facilities located in the Sacramento Valley including North Delta and Rancho Esquon, have saved nearly 58,000 ducks in the past ten year! For more information about these facilities, click here!

Egg salvage is a wonderful tool in helping to educate and promote waterfowl biology and conservation at banding days, youth camps, and clinics. These events give CWA biologists and educators a chance to utilize a hands on approach to learning by allowing attendees to handle, identify, band and release egg salvage birds as well as to teach why we band birds and how it helps with research and monitoring waterfowl populations.
Get Involved! Because Every Duck Counts!


Ways You Can Help

Make A Gift

Your generous donations will help us prepare for egg recovery efforts, help offset the costs incurred by our farming friends and hatchery partners, and continue to provide educational opportunities to school aged children. Click here to make a donation today!






Become a Farming Friend

Farmers and Landowners willing to adopt and implement conservation techniques to benefit waterfowl and other ground nesting birds are vital to the success of our program. Click here to find out more about how you can enroll your land and help with our conservation efforts. 

Check out our video "What's Hidden in that Wheat?" to see one farmer's egg salvage efforts.





At the heart of this initiative is a vast network of volunteers. From outreach and recruitment of fields and farms, to clean up and care at our hatchery facilities, many volunteer opportunities exist. We would love to have you on our volunteer team!