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Corporate Partners

California Waterfowl’s Corporate Partners Program is about distinctive partnerships and programs designed to provide members with access to products and services through fundraising events, membership, heritage programs, and more. Partnering with CWA members is not only a good community investment, it is also a good business investment.  Below are California Waterfowls' Corporate Partners.


Proline Manufacturing Co.

Pro Line Mfg. Co. has for many years produced the finest quality footwear for the sportsmen and sportswomen around the world.  Throughout the years, we have developed the state of the art technologies and materials, and implemented them to our look of all ages design to ensure the latest looks and the finest quality in footwear.

Our extensive quality control procedures, including testing of waterproof under all types of conditions are performed by our highly experienced and qualified staffs to insure the maximum result. We also understand that the quality and looks are less meaningful unless they are complimented by customer satisfaction and the value we are continuously striving for.


Kruger Farms

Kruger Farms

Kruger Farms is home of the experts. Our team is composed of professional outdoor guides with years of experience in scouting, hunting, and fishing. Our Certified Elite Guides know how to equip themselves and those they lead with the tools necessary for success. Passionate and experienced in what they do, every member of our team spends over 100 days on the water or in the field each year. Every product we sell has been hand- tested on-site by our guides.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned outdoorsman, the sheer number of products and brands available can be overwhelming. That is why we've created, an intelligent way to shop for hunting and fishing equipment. The goal of is to eliminate confusion and frustration from your shopping experience. The only products and brands we carry are those our guides rely on in the field.


Federal Premium Ammunition

In the 1930's Federal Premium Ammunition actively promoted the establishment of the a critical source of revenue for state and federal wildlife management agencies to scientifically manage wildlife, and they have a deep commitment to do more.  For 74 straight years they have invested in Conservation Camps and Shooting Sports Programs. They sponsor training programs for participants in youth shooting sports training programs that certify new hunters and instructors. They support programs that are innovative and effective at helping recruit the next generation of conservationists. The future of hunting is more than just the future of our company



The future of hunting is more than just the future of our company. It's the future of wildlife, wild places, public lands and precariously balanced ecosystems. We believe in doing everything in our power to protect this future, and we invest heavily in conservation organizations across the country. But investing means more than just sending out checks. It means having the dirt of stewardship under our nails. That may mean working on a specific project, volunteering on a local committee, or simply shaking the hand of anyone who devotes themselves to conserving our outdoor heritage. From the Rocky Mountains to California's Marshes, from the Hawaiian Islands to the Eastern hardwoods, these are some of the organizations we proudly stand behind.



"Gear the Way You'd Design it." That's not just a bunch of marketing mumbo jumbo. SportDOG are the same obsessed dog lovers and hunters as you and your partners. Like you, we spend every possible second in the field or crouched behind a blind. Like you, we respect the tradition and we believe in conservation. We make gear the way you'd design it because we could be the one walking the prairie with you or searching the sky in the blind beside you.


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To Become a Corporate Sponsor or for more information, email Scott Mueller, or call (916) 648-1406 ext. 142.

The California Waterfowl Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and our tax ID number for donation purposes is 94-1149574.