Camps & Clinics


California Waterfowl Hunting Heritage programs strive to provide a flexible and accessible program to develop life-long connections and interests in outdoor recreation and wildlife. CWA has partnered with duck clubs, shooting ranges, wildlife refuges, state organizations and passionate volunteers throughout the state to create exciting outdoor recreational events for the entire family. There are events designed to introduce new hunters to hunting as well as continue the development of hunting skills after you have your hunting license. California Waterfowl actively and passionately supports your waterfowl hunting heritage!


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Hunter Camps

Beginning Hunter camps  include weekend camps with  hunter’s certification, waterfowl conservation, waterfowl hunting, and much more to get youths ready to go waterfowling. Hunter Skills and Duck Camps are designed with the new hunter in mind to give them the confidence and skills to become a better hunter.

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Camp Moms

If you would like to go duck banding, learn about shooting and conservation, and get your hunter education certificate; consider attending one of our overnight youth camps with your son, daughter or friend as Camp Mom.

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Shooting , Duck calling and Waterfowl hunting clinics are designed with the new hunter in mind to give them the confidence and skills to become a better hunter or shooter.


Outdoor Adventure Days

One day events designed to introduce youths to conservation and outdoor recreational opportunities including archery, fly fishing, clay target shooting, wetlands, waterfowl, and much more.


Wild Lands Camp

Join us for a weekend, exploring California's wild lands and discovering our connection to these lands both scientifically and recreationally! Dive into aquatic life of the Suisun Marh, get your hands dirty with wood duck conservation, try your hand at archery, and more!  Click here>>for more information.