Becoming a Board Member

Are you ready to make the commitment to CWA?



Board members can either be self nominated or nominated by a CWA stakeholder (officer, Board member, event chair, donor, etc.). To submit a nomination, email us at or call CWA’s office at (916) 648-1406.


The Process

Once nominated, CWA’s Governance Committee reviews the applicant’s credentials, experience, and references. A member of the Governance Committee contacts the applicant to verify interest, qualifications, and ability to meet time requirements. At this time, the applicant confirms his/her commitment to be a Board candidate.

Using the information captured above, the Governance Committee then places all Board candidates onto a prioritized list based on skills, experience, and sustained demonstrated performance. The Governance Committee will then recommend a development plan for each Board candidate and assign a Board member to mentor each candidate. The mentor will then follow up with a candidate and share the recommended development plan.

Development plans for Board candidates vary based on where each candidate falls relative to skills, experience, and performance. Development plans typically involve committee or work group activities that are visible to Board members. The mentor’s job is to simply counsel, guide, and assist the candidate in any way they can. Mentors will also provide performance feedback to the candidate and periodically verify interest in being a Board member.


A Step at at Time

Ultimately, Board candidates are formally appointed as Associate Directors. Associate Directors are encouraged to attend Board meetings and participate in Board events. Mentoring continues during this phase with closer communication between the mentor and members of the Governance Committee.



The Governance Committee will formally evaluate Associate Directors and nominate those best qualified to serve on the Board. Governance Committee recommendations are presented to the Board and ultimately approved by CWA membership at its annual Meeting of the Members in March.

If you have questions or would like to discuss this opportunity further, send us an e-mail Please include the best way to contact you.